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See the faces and discover the stories of the Abstrakt Studios team members who will dedicate themselves to telling your story in the best possible way. Fortunately, they’re a pretty impressive group.

Neil Erker

Director of Video Production

As the Director of Video Production, Neil Erker has led the Abstrakt Studios crew for nearly three years. Prior to joining (and building) the video team, he spent time living in Chicago while working at Leo Burnett in both video production and new business roles. Neil is passionate about telling compelling stories through music, photography, and film and loves to bring creative visions to life in almost any medium. Having worked on brands like Cheez-It, Marshalls, Allstate, Rice Krispies Treats, and Suntrup Automotive, Neil brings a wealth of experience and expertise to each and every Abstrakt Studios project. Plus, he also has experience producing a television show (The Interview Show with Mark Bazer) that airs on WTTW (PBS in Chicago).

Neil currently writes, records, and performs in the following musical projects: Portable Models, Many Places, and Jones Street Station. He and his wife, Libby, live in University City (his hometown) with their three children, David, Daisy Jane, and Sammy.

Scott Ingberg

Creative Director

Eight years ago, Scott Ingberg transitioned to a career in marketing after nearly two decades as a television news and sports broadcaster in Detroit and St. Louis, then working in nationally syndicated radio and TV—writing and producing programs for Dick Vitale, Dan Dierdorf, Joe Buck, Bob Costas, and others.

Scott’s unique news, entertainment, and marketing backgrounds provide a perspective, skillset, and focus that serves Abstrakt Studios clients exceptionally well. From hard-sell retail to heart-tugging branding, Scott ensures each video on which he contributes stands out well above the competition—with messaging that’s laser-focused on engaging the client’s desired result. Scott’s marketing strategies and targeted messaging have helped numerous retail businesses throughout the U.S. realize market-dominating sales growth. 

Scott and his wife Candie are both Michigan State University alumni and are proud that each of their three young-adult children is in the process of earning (or has just completed) an advanced degree. 

Jordan Ridenour

Senior Producer 

Husband. Father. Huge Star Wars fan. Jordan Ridenour is experienced in cinematography, aerial photography, editing, color grading, and motion graphics. To date, he’s worked on a variety of projects with some great companies like the St. Louis Blues, The Missouri Athletic Club, Frederic Roofing, Johnny Londoff, and Game Face.

In his free time, Jordan plays drums and volunteers as an audio engineer at his church every weekend. He also firmly believes that he’s the best foosball player in the office despite having lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Alex Rankin

Senior Producer 

Alex Rankin was born and raised right here in St. Louis. At a young age, Alex fell in love with the magic of movies. If he wasn’t glued to the screen racking up views on Empire Strikes Back or Raiders of the Lost Ark, he was probably out exploring the forests and creeks of Missouri. At age 10, Alex started to explore his fascination with the electric guitar, a craft he tirelessly pursues to this day. With his free time, Alex loves to be with his friends and family on a hike, on the water, or around a fire.

A career in filmmaking seemed like an obvious choice because it combined so many of the things he loves. He’s worked on projects of many shapes and sizes, but his work on the Emmy Award-winning show Inside Pediatrics remains a highlight of his career. Alex lives in Glendale with his wife, Tessa, and their dog Louie. They’re happiest when camping out in the Mark Twain National Forest or soaking up the sun in Southwest Florida on Keewaydin Island.

Kennedy Girard

Video Producer 

Kennedy Girard found himself drawn to video production and editing when he first started producing videos of himself and his friends skateboarding. His passion led him to pursue a BS in Electronic Arts from Missouri State University. Kennedy is highly skilled in cinematography, editing, photography, and color grading. When not at work, he is busy working on his clothing company, Humble Pleasures, or enjoying a long walk on the beach.

Ian Gilbert

Video Producer 

A driven filmmaker on Abstrakt’s team, Ian Gilbert loves telling powerful stories and knows the impact it can make on an audience. When he’s not reading, watching movies, or improving his skills with gravity-defying yo-yo tricks, he can usually be found working on a never-shrinking backlog of film projects. Ian’s passion for storytelling translates perfectly into Abstrakt’s desire to grow businesses through engaging video content. Ian loves nothing more than being able to take a client’s idea and bring it to life on screen.

Jake Bingley


With no lack of imagination, Jake Bingley has put his visual storytelling skills to use for over six years as an animator. He puts his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree to use by breathing life into fictional characters and stories about businesses and transforming the mundane into engaging content.

Jake has probably won awards, but he’s too busy working on the next project to realize it. When he isn’t on the clock at Abstrakt, he’s either animating his own concepts, projecting funky bass grooves, pushing himself to learn new things, or simply enjoying doing absolutely nothing at all with a brown ale. Flerpdy derpy derp.

Alex Ke

Video Producer 

Passionate for anything creative, Alex Ke strives to take an idea and craft it into a captivating story.  Descending as a graduate from the Electronic Arts program Missouri State University, Alex is the Swiss Army Knife.  Adept in Editing, Cinematography and Animation, he is able to bring out the vision of any collaborator.  

Behind the scenes, Alex is working on personal projects, plus refining and sharpening his talents.  However, most of the time, he’s just online with his friends with a game controller in one hand and a hard cider in the other.   

Erich Krause

Art Director 

During the 90s, Erich Krause toured clubs and arenas throughout the country as a beat producer and member of Dallas-based hip hop group Mad Flava – going by the stage name “Hype Dawg.  

Taking a page from the story of many music legends, Erich was self-taught – both in music and as a graphic artist. Seeing Erich’s work as the designer of countless album covers, CD layouts, posters, logos and more, the CEO of Abstrakt Marketing Group recognized Erich’s immense graphic talents and hired him and one of the company’s original employees. And his skills have certainly expanded and flourished ever since.   

Erich’s appreciation for the unique and colorful extends to his passion as a tropical fish hobbyistWhen relaxing or working at home, he’s flanked by great variety of fresh-water friends housed in aquariums totaling more than 300 gallons. 

David Lemon

Executive Sales Representative

Forget Jack of all trades, you’re meeting the first Dave of all trades. His interests include, but are not limited to: St. Louis, podcasting, video production, piano & drums, Cohen Brothers’ films, sports, the Republic of Austria, marble racing, telling Dad jokes directly to his Dad, and most certainly talking loudly to anyone about anything. 

David is a born and bred St. Louisan with an unmatched passion and desire to see unity and compassion prevail one day throughout the region. He and his wife love having dialogue with the community about culture and progress. And that’s why he joined Abstrakt Studios: to have conversations with St Louisans about how video can transform their stories to bring economic and social reform to a city so desperate for rejuvenation. 

Alyssa Vechiarella

Alyssa has taken on various positions in the marketing industry for the past four years. Just before she started working at Abstrakt, she spent her days studying marketing management at Missouri State University and keeping busy on campus with Greek life and philanthropy work.

As the video project manager, Alyssa keeps the team organized and the projects flowing, all while giving an “outsider looking in” perspective. She works very closely with each of our partners and values clear communication. Alyssa brings that communicative quality to our video team, along with a passion for improving our product.

She loves to spend quality time with family and friends, trying new recipes, and spending way too much money at Target.

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