You have a company profile video, a few testimonials, and an explainer video highlighting your best-selling product. You use these videos to educate viewers and share essential details that might inform their sales decision. But do you have any videos that are both educational and exciting?

If your current long-form videos aren’t generating the buzz you’re looking for, it may be time to invest in a sizzle reel. These short, fast-paced videos can elevate your product marketing strategy and add an element of excitement to your standard company profile.

Not sure if a sizzle reel is the right choice for your business? Keep reading to learn how you can use sizzle reels and discover how they can add a much-needed boost to your sales strategy.

Sizzle Reel Video Basics

Sizzle reels, otherwise known as highlight reels, promo videos, teasers, and demo reels, are promotional videos that succinctly showcase your product, service, or company as a whole. Unlike long product demos or in-depth company profiles, sizzle reels focus more on intriguing viewers than offering educational content. As a result, these short videos are an excellent way to reel in potential customers and get them interested in what you offer.

In the past, sizzle reels were most popular in the show business setting. When producers pitched an idea for a new TV show or movie, they included a sizzle reel to explain the plot, characters, and general concept. In an otherwise dry, logistics-oriented pitch meeting, sizzle reels showed executives why they should be excited about the project itself and not just its profit potential.

Now, sizzle reels have expanded beyond Hollywood and made their way into the B2B sales process. Their purpose is the same—they add interest to the buying process, which is typically transactional. Companies can use sizzle reels throughout the sales cycle to pitch their credibility, experience, and products in a compelling way.

Benefits of Sizzle Reel Videos for Businesses

If you already have a few corporate videos in your arsenal, you might be wondering if you also need a sizzle reel. The answer depends on your business, but sizzle reels are generally a worthwhile investment if you sell products or services to other companies and you want to boost your sales. Additionally, if your products are complicated or difficult to describe, sizzle reels can demonstrate how they work in a simple, effective way.

Sizzle reels also add a personal touch to your brand and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Your leads may not remember every detail about a long product demo video, but there’s a good chance they will remember your sizzle reel. Sizzle reels don’t overwhelm viewers with technical descriptions and forgettable visuals; they use eye-catching clips and minimal yet clever phrases that stick with the viewer.

The sales process can feel very detached and impersonal. You tell potential buyers why they should buy your product or services over email or phone call, and they move through most of the sales cycle without ever meeting your employees. Sizzle reels humanize your brand by showing potential customers that you’re passionate about your products and company. Plus, buyers only have to take a short amount of time out of their day—often less than a minute—to learn more about your business. The time commitment is minimal, but the impact is significant.

Best Practices When Creating a Sizzle Reel

Sizzle reels can be easy to produce and create because they often splice together existing footage and pair it with voiceovers and music. However, simply pairing clips with audio isn’t enough to make an effective sizzle reel. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind during the production process:

  • Focus on quality: Sizzle reels may move through footage quickly, but that doesn’t mean viewers won’t notice blurry camera work or muffled audio. Every element of your sizzle reel, including video clips, photos, voiceover audio, and background music, should be high quality. Additionally, you should choose each aspect carefully. Make sure your images and audio work together cohesively and set the same tone.
  • Know your audience: Different audiences have different preferences and expectations. For example, an average consumer may react well to humor and trendy music, whereas a corporate executive may prefer a toned-down sizzle reel. Keep your target audience in mind when putting together your video.
  • Take the “less is more” approach: Sizzle reels shouldn’t be dense or content-heavy. If you decide to use on-screen text or voiceover audio, you should keep them to a minimum. A few bold statistics or punchy phrases will resonate with viewers more than a long, generic paragraph about your business.
  • Include a call to action (CTA): If the primary purpose of your sizzle reel is to generate interest in a product, you should include details about the purchasing process at the end of the video. You can also incorporate CTAs in your social media posts, landing pages, or product pages that showcase your sizzle reel.

Even though companies can create their own sizzle reels, many choose to enlist the help of a video production studio. Experienced video producers know how to capture video content and shape it into a narrative that captivates viewers. Plus, editors use their expertise in post-production to ensure the audio, visuals, and text complement each other well in your sizzle reel.

How To Use Different Types of Sizzle Reel Videos

To get the most out of your sizzle reel, you need to use it strategically. A well-made reel only becomes powerful after it reaches the right audience. Here’s how you can use the most popular sizzle reel types to attract potential customers and grow your business.

Service Explainer Video or Product Sales Video

Sizzle reels do a great job generating interest in products of all types. A sizzle reel is a great way to pique potential customers’ interest, whether you sell products or services directly to consumers or corporate customers. Unlike lengthy explainer videos, which go into detail about your product or service, sizzle reels give viewers a small glimpse into what you offer and leave them wanting more.

Sizzle reels work particularly well in industries where showing is better than telling. For example, it’s difficult for commercial flooring businesses, construction companies, and painters to translate their services into words. It’s far more effective to show images or videos of the finished product and let the work speak for itself. Sizzle reels can move through clips of different projects and quickly demonstrate why your services are worth the money.

Your sizzle reel should only include the most impressive features and statistics related to your product or service. You don’t have time to give a complete overview, so your message needs to be pointed and purposeful. Think of your sizzle reel as a brief introduction—it should hit important points while leaving the less interesting details for later.

Once you produce your product or service sizzle reel, you can use it in a variety of ways, including:

  • Adding it to your website: If your website has product and service pages, you can elevate your written content by including your sizzle reel on its corresponding page. Users will stay on your site longer while they watch your video, and it might prompt them to share their information sooner than they otherwise would have.
  • Posting it on social media: Your sizzle reel can act as a short commercial on your social media profiles. Viewers will get an exciting introduction to your products and services and you’ll gain brand awareness across platforms.
  • Sending it to leads: Your B2B buyers may take a few weeks or months to commit to a sale. During that time, you should keep them engaged by sending them content. Your sizzle reel is the perfect content to send when a lead asks for more information about a specific offering.
  • During a sales pitch: Leads may need one final push before they decide to purchase your product or sign a service contract. Including your sizzle reel at the beginning of your sales presentation could get you the enthusiastic reaction you’re looking for.

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Company Video

The sales process revolves around trust. Customers need to trust your brand, products, claims, and quality before agreeing to make a big purchase. It can be challenging to build a trusting relationship over the phone or email, but videos can help put a face behind your brand.

Unlike traditional company videos, which often showcase interviews with key personnel and an in-depth look into your company history, a company sizzle reel pairs minimal (if any) voiceover audio with short bursts of footage. You might choose to include footage of your employees in their day-to-day roles, company outings, charity events, or any other occasion that represents your business and its mission. Sizzle reels are not meant to act as a visual company brochure; instead, they should help viewers forge an emotional connection with your brand.

Like a product or service sizzle reel, company reels can play a role during different stages of the sales cycle. You can use your sizzle reel as a first introduction to your company by attaching it to email blasts or social media posts. Additionally, company sizzle reels can serve as a supporting element on your website’s “About Us” page. No matter how you choose to use your company sizzle reel, it can help you gain brand recognition and generate more potential customers for your company.

Need an Exciting Corporate Video for Your Business?

Sizzle reels, when executed well, can have a significant impact on your marketing strategy as a whole. They add intrigue and excitement to a process that’s often dry and help viewers connect with your company. Additionally, because sizzle reels are short and minimal, they often require less time and effort to produce than other corporate videos.

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