B2B Sales Video Collateral

It Takes Strategy To Build an Audience and Creativity to Keep One. Abstrakt Studios Takes Care of Both.

B2B Sales Video Collateral

It Takes Strategy to Build an Audience and Creativity to Keep One. Abstrakt Studios Takes Care of Both.

When you’re thinking about video marketing, you always have to be aware of the balance between strategy and creativity. No strategy? Nobody sees your video. No creativity? Nobody wants to see your video. Abstrakt Studios takes care of both with cost-effective B2B sales video packages.

What Are Your B2B Marketing Videos Missing?

At Abstrakt Studios, we pair a visionary approach to video with a five-stage creation process. We then mix in the proven B2B marketing strategies we use to grow businesses across the nation. But that evolution didn’t happen overnight. When we first started making internal corporate videos, we quickly realized that we could lead the industry by creating videos that:

  1. Weren’t boring

  2. People enjoyed

  3. Brought business partners together

Imagine our excitement when we then realized we could make those videos even more powerful with the same marketing strategies we were already using to boost the growth of our clients. From there, we figured: why should our clients have one marketing team and another video team when our team can deliver both?

Do you have the necessary creativity, but need help with the advanced strategies such as white space research? Or do you know who to target, but can’t figure out how to make your message resonate with those viewers? Our team delivers what most B2B marketing videos miss – the right balance of story, strategy, and vision.

Align your marketing goals and creative vision for sustainable success

Our Sales Collateral Video Package

Our team has refined our approach to deliver repeatable, sustainable video projects that make the most of your budget without compromising creativity. Plus, you work with the same team of marketing and video experts at every stage of the project—from brainstorming and storyboarding to shooting and sharing. Our B2B marketing video package includes everything you need to start growing your business with the power of video by giving you the option to choose from:

Company Profile Video

Tell the world who you are, what your mission is, and how you’re making people’s lives better.

Product/Service Video

There’s no better way to highlight a new product or service than with a video that’s easy to watch and even easier to share. 

“Why Us?” Video

Show your audience what sets you apart from the rest with a video that helps you stand out, even in saturated markets.

Case Study/Testimonial Video

Showcase a project success or long-term partnership by turning it into a case study or client testimonial video that speaks for itself.

Simplify Sales Video Production With Abstrakt Studios

If you’ve ever tried coordinating a video project across a video company and a separate marketing team, you know that their strategies and process don’t always align. At Abstrakt Studios, they do. If you’re looking for an easier way to create video content that showcases your brand while balancing out your broader marketing strategies, let’s talk.

Myth: B2B video has to be boring.

Reality: Our portfolio.

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