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Why Commercial Video Production Is Still Relevant

While the internet has become one of the primary ways businesses now build their brand, conventional media like commercial videos and TV advertising remain relevant today. More businesses are gaining a wider audience on the internet, but to gain household recognition, a broadcast television marketing campaign with Abstrakt Studios still offers one of the best places to start.

Step 1: Creative Discovery

Step 2: Preproduction and Planning

Step 3: Production

Step 4: Post-Production

Step 5: Watch and Repeat

Whether you want to break ground in a new market or you just want to showcase a new product or service, Abstrakt Studios creates videos that look just as good on a TV as they do on a smartphone. We follow a five-step process to ensure your company stands out on the screen while also ensuring it resonates with your intended audience.

Plus, our broader marketing capabilities make it easy to tie commercials, company videos, sales collateral, social media, and your website together for a seamless brand image.



To supplement our onsite production services we wanted to carve out a dedicated space for B2B/B2C video in both the heart of downtown St. Louis and with clients all over the nation. That’s exactly what we did. Our studio is as collaborative and creative as the videos we make.


Looking to add a little ambience to your video? We also house a complete music studio to deliver a video soundtrack that’s unique to your brand.


We’re a team of creatives at heart, but we know that alone doesn’t always translate to success in the business video space. That’s why we ground our approach in a repeatable, scalable process that’s proven to work.

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Our TV Commercial Production Process

When we start working on a TV commercial, we begin much like we would with any other video by following our five-step process that covers everything from brainstorming to final delivery. However, we also take care of several other project requirements that come with TV commercial production, including:

  1. Market analysis
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Unique selling proposition

Bring Your Vision to Television

How To Reach a Wider Audience With TV Commercials

When you want to promote your organization on television, you’re faced with two tasks: 


Identify the optimal approach to reach your target audience


Convey a visual and audible message that engages target audience to respond as desired

If you get one of those wrong, the other is for naught, and that’s why Abstrakt Studios helps with both. We’re immersed in the strategy that makes television campaigns a success, but we also have the creativity to transform your message into an innovative video. Let’s get started with a discovery meeting to discuss your project goals. 


Your Vision + Our Visionaries = Videos People Want To Watch

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