Video animation is a clever tool that marketers can use to tell a story, describe proprietary processes, and showcase your ability to solve your customer’s needs.

Animated Video Ads Work Wonders

As a business owner or a marketing director, chances are, you’ve had to explain your company and what it does countless times. Whether you’re talking to a potential investor or a friend at a barbecue, you understand what you do and you know how to communicate it. You never need notes; you have all the facts, you understand what your company does, and all the passion and emotion behind this mission comes naturally. It’s what you do.

Now imagine having a professionally produced animated video that does all this for you. Video is one of the most flexible and impactful marketing tools out there, and when you add the versatility and accessibility of custom animation, your vision comes to life.

Walt Disney once said, “If you can visualize it, if you can dream it, there’s some way to do it.” Animated marketing videos deliver on this broad promise by giving you total control over what your customers see and hear, describing complex or abstract thoughts in a way that live-action video can’t capture.

In two minutes or less, a professionally animated customized video builds trust, explains complex concepts, and establishes credibility. They are the perfect medium for expressing your message exactly how you intend it to be presented. Animated videos are particularly powerful tools, and their rise as an effective marketing tool has proven to be effective for small businesses that lack big brand power.

Four Ways To Use Animated Video Marketing

Animated videos aren’t meant to replace you—they are there to enhance your message. Animation can take abstract ideas and convey them through a unique customer journey that can’t normally be communicated through live-action footage.

It’s a multimedia powerhouse that combines graphics, animated images, music, sound effects, and text that takes the presentation of facts and ideas to the next level. With animation, anything is possible. A good video can communicate the value your business provides and present it in a completely customized, emotionally persuasive format. Here’s a rundown of how to use animation to get your ideas across:

1. Present Common Problems and Describe How Your Company Solves Them

Your customers want to know exactly what you can do to help them. How do you solve their needs and wants? What advantages do you provide that sets you apart from the competition? While your website and marketing collateral contain everything a potential customer needs to know, animation is ideal for quickly explaining services and intangible products that would be difficult to represent through live-action video.

3. Illustrate Proprietary Processes That Set You Apart

Your company most likely has a product or a process that sets you apart. These advantages are fun to talk about because they represent years of refinement and strokes of brilliance but more importantly, they demonstrate the value you bring to potential customers. Animated videos give you the control to describe a process from beginning to end. When viewers can visually unpack your key processes and products, they have fewer questions about them and can easily see the value you provide. Best yet, animated videos can be updated when products or processes change, so your marketing always represents an accurate picture of what you offer.

2. Describe a Customer’s Journey Through Hypothetical Case Studies

Some customers have needs that are hard to express, and case study videos help them visualize what you do compared to what they need. Since our medium is animation, these case studies can be customized down to the smallest detail, meaning you can speak to potential customers in highly specialized industries. Case studies are a great way to showcase your abilities, especially when they are difficult to convey in a few words.

4. Tell Your Story

All businesses have an origin story, and yours is worth telling through animated video, live-action shots, or both. A company culture video that shows where you came from, where you plan to go, and how you plan to get there will appeal to a viewer’s psyche and speak to them on a human level that no other medium can achieve. When customers can associate familiar faces and a heartwarming story to your brand, they are more likely to feel a strong connection to it which leads to repeat business and great word-of-mouth exposure.

What Makes Animated Video Marketing Effective?

Animated video marketing is such a killer branding strategy because it combines visuals, sound, and text that tell your story and promotes your business through a simple and accessible medium. Vision is a dominant sense, and the type of media that has the most impact today can be found on media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. While this kind of exposure can be valuable, most businesses intend for their videos to live on their website alongside testimonials, in-depth product descriptions, and calls to action to contact you to get the process going.

Here are reasons why animated video is such a powerful marketing tool.

It Is Easy To Understand

Concepts like commercial cleaning and roofing are simple enough to explain but where animated video shines is when you need to explain complex timelines and nuanced processes. Custom video is also a great way to launch new products, profile key personnel, and mark important company milestones as they are often more easily understood than videos that use stock or custom live-action footage.

It Engages Even The Laziest Buyers

There is a traditional notion in advertising that an interested prospect can be counted on to do work to find out more. Modern customers want more. They need to see products in action, and they want services described from start to finish. They want to know exactly what they are getting, and informative video media targets not just their eyes but their ears as well. Video is memorable and repeatable and if a viewer is turned off by a wall of text, they are more likely to watch a video for a few minutes that tells them the same information.

It Allows Your Business To Get Social

It’s easy to share video content through social media and satisfied customers are very likely to share a branded video with friends if it were entertaining or if they were satisfied with the company represented in it. A recent study showed 76% of users say they would share a branded video if it was entertaining. Social media users share emotions more than facts, and when your video content strikes the right tone and feel, the end result is word-of-mouth advertising on a viral scale.

It Is Great for SEO

Custom animated videos are the centerpiece of most professional websites. Not only do they enhance user experience, but they also reduce bounce rate and dwell time on the site→two factors that, even if they don’t finish the video, they still spend time on your site and if your video is informative and professionally done, they will probably move on to the next video, and the next.

It Is Proven To Boost Email Campaigns

Targeted email campaigns are effective at getting your message out to thousands of recipients. Now pair these emails with a quality video that describes a product or special offer and watch click-through rates skyrocket.

It Can Lead to Some Serious ROI

Video advertising has become more affordable and accessible than ever before. Not only is video technology better but professional B2B video producers understand how to creatively craft impactful videos at a reasonable cost.

It Acts as a Sales Closer

Videos are key to business growth, and not only can they describe and showcase your products, but they can also seal the deal. Animated videos are often a deciding factor for consumers when they are making a final decision. Many potential buyers avoid speaking to salespeople because they don’t like to make purchases uninformed. Videos provide a crucial link to your products and services, so consumers buy with confidence.

All Types of Videos for All Types of Businesses

It all comes down to finding a video producer that has the technical skill to make your vision come to life and the empathy to understand your goals and your style. By working with a credible and dedicated video production partner, you find a cost-effective way to add quality content to your marketing strategy that produces predictable results.

At Abstrakt Studios, we help you think strategically about your branding with award-winning animated video production and impactful content that generates leads and drives sales. Through visionary storytelling, and a repeatable process, we create videos that demonstrate what you do, how you do it, and why.

That’s what we do at Abstrakt Studios St. Louis video production. We take your vision, your passion, your inner substance that makes your people and your culture unique, and we translate them into animated bite-size pieces that engage, delight, and inform. Take a look at our portfolio for an example of the animated videos we have done in the past and if you’re inspired to collaborate on a professional animated business video that speaks to your audience, give us a call.