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Video Production That Aligns Strategy, Process, and Creativity for Sustainable Success

Video Production

That Goes Against the Mundane

Are you worried about sharing your company’s vision or mission because you think people will say what you do is boring? At Abstrakt Studios, we understand. We live in the B2B space, and people always told us that meant our videos had to be boring. But all it takes is a quick look through our portfolio (and our company’s culture) to discover that people actually want to watch the videos we produce. Here’s the proof and scope of our capabilities.

Videos Produced in 2020

Visionary Storytelling

You have a vision for your company’s future. Our team has a vision for how to best share it with the world.

Creative Collaboration

Whether you pride yourself on creativity or you need some help, we put words to your coolest ideas.

A Repeatable Process

We take what’s a fundamentally creative undertaking and ground it in a repeatable, scalable process.

“Those who tell the stories rule society.” – Plato

Bring Your Story to Life Through Video

Video isn't the only way to tell a story, but in today's world, it's become one of the easiest ways to share yours. Here's where we start.

Corporate Video Projects

Most corporate videos these days are about as exciting as watching your computer restart. If you want videos that breathe life into your brand’s vision while aligning with your broader organizational goals, Abstrakt Studios offers complete corporate video production solutions to be the last (or only) video partner you’ll ever need.

Collateral Video Packages

If strategy is your focus, our collateral video packages are designed to provide a strong foundation to bolster the rest of your marketing strategies. If you’re interested in enlisting some of the other services our company offers, like website creation or outbound calling, our collateral video packages keep all teams in sync and working toward the same goals.

TV Commercials

When you need to reach a broader audience or establish household recognition, broadcast TV commercials are still one of the best ways to do so. While many of the videos we create are designed for easy sharing on the internet, we’re equally adept at creating award-winning broadcast TV spots that are still grounded in our same process and strategic approach.

Custom Video

No matter how crazy your next idea, we want to hear it. So don’t worry about scaring us off! We’ll be honest if our capabilities aren’t aligned with your creative goals.

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Animated Video

Animation has become one of the best ways to highlight the customer journey or proprietary products and services. Abstrakt Studios offers in-house animation services, including 2D and 3D animation, so we can help you decide the best way to share your vision with the world.

It matters where the magic happens.

We aren’t prejudiced against a good basement, but if your video person is working out of one, we understand if you’re looking for a little more. That’s why we expanded into a new building, complete with a dedicated music and video studio, so you can always stop by and see where the magic happens.


A video project is a complex undertaking with many moving pieces that you have to get right if you want to end up with something people want to watch.

The Tools We Use








In our experience, the formula for a successful video is straightforward but by no means simple. We start with a team of video visionaries, empower them with the best tools in the industry, and then ground the project in a process that’s guaranteed to get it done while making the most of your budget.


Your Vision + Our Visionaries = Videos People Want To Watch